Photo Cakes are All the Rage!

So you need to order a cake for your next celebration. It could be a birthday or anniversary. Someone retiring or changing jobs. Graduation or engagement. Nothing makes a cake more personalized then having an image of the person or couple on the centerpiece to any party. The cake!

You want to be sure the photo you select will be the one everyone, especially those front and center, will be happy with. Here are some great suggestions to make sure you have a great quality photo.

.jpg or Actual Photo

Having a photo file versus an actual photo does make a HUGE difference. If your bakery has to scan an image to print, some factors will change the quality of the photo. The larger the photo the better. Small photos will print a bit blurry. Age of the photo can change the color or tint. Remember when scanning a photo the scanner picks up the paper as well as the photo.

Portrait or Landscape

The layout of a photo determines how the decorator will place the photo on the cake. If you are adding script to the cake will there be room? Is the cake you are serving round, square or rectangle? Talk to your bakery to ask how they would lay out the photo.

Is a Funny or Embarrassing Photo Okay?

This is where you have to determine how the guest of honor will react to the cake when they see it. Will they see it as funny and enjoy the additional spotlight this photo may bring? And more important how the guest will see that hilarious shot. Will it embarrass anyone else? We have seen our fair share of hilarious photos at the bakery. But would I want one of them on my cake? Maybe….not.

Wedding Anniversary

Personal Image Photo Cake

A great idea for this is having a current photo of the couple as well as their wedding photo. Make sure both photos are in the same format (portrait or landscape) as it will have a better visual aesthetic. We have done many of these cakes and they always seem to be a crowd pleaser.

Child Birthday

Minions Photo Cake

Every child loves to see their face or their favorite character on a cake. If your bakery has a photo cake system that allows them to print licensed images you can personalize the cake even more by putting your child right in the photo with their favorite character! Or maybe your child would love a princess cake, be a super hero or hang out with video game characters. Take your child to the bakery and let them see the catalogue if this is an option.

Teen Birthday

Maybe they would like to see their favorite band or YouTube personality on a cake. Or if they are donating their monetary gifts to a charity or cause, a cake showing what invitees are donating too may be the answer.

Mom or Dad Cakes

Is the cake for your mom or dad? Catching a great photo where they are oblivious to posing and just enjoying the moment makes for a beautiful image. In the garden or out enjoying nature. Maybe spending time with family or friends. Or catching them in a quiet moment (it happens!) can surprise them when they see the photo.

Licensed Image Photo Cake

Photo cakes can create conversation. They can overwhelm and impress. But most of all they can simply touch the heart of the person on the cake.

Open a conversation with your local bakery and let them know what feeling you want the cake to express. Have a few photos available with you on your phone. The more you discuss, ask and offer the better your cake will be.

No matter what the celebration is everyone remembers the cake! At Harvest Bakery & Deli we have a wide variety of images, character and ideas to help you with your celebration. In the Winnipeg area call us today! 204.489.1086